Power for all eternity

I heard this saying this morning, “Caesar is now just a salad dressing, but Jesus is still King.” I know it is just a silly saying. But it is funny how history plays out.

Caesar seemed to have all the power in the world. He had the power to sentence people to death. Jesus proved He had all the power of eternity and the power to raise people to life.

Caesar is now the name on an ancient ruler. Jesus is the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords. He sits on a throne in heaven waiting to return to earth to consummate history.

Real power is not found in dominating or controlling people, but in humble service and sacrifice. Jesus showed us this in His death on the cross. It is the greatest act of power in all of history combined.


Thank You Jesus for Your great power. You came from heaven to live amongst us. You came to save us. You showed Your great power in humble service that sacrificed Your life for us. May we be always grateful. May we always understand that You have all power and authority, both for this life and all eternity. Amen