Another solitary place

Several weeks ago I wrote a post about my solitary place where I go to pray. It was up on a Peak overlooking our town. Today I thought I would share an image of one of my other solitary places I have – on my bike.

As I have shared before, I have been cycling for more that 35 years. I really enjoy getting out in God’s creation to just ride. It is partly about fitness, partly about getting alone time and partly about stopping to spend time with God in prayer.

Today I just rode slowly around town on my single speed bike. I checked out the sport at the local park, had a look down the main street to see what was going on and paused at our local lake to sit and pray. This is the picture above.

For me I find cycling like this very relaxing. I can just roll my legs over slowly (10-20kph) and enjoy the scenery. Yes a level of fitness is involved, but as I get older it is more about stopping and taking time out to have a mental break too.

As someone who has worked as a Pastor, Chaplain and Companion Carer, I talk to a lot of people. I also listen a lot too. And being quite introverted, I find I need to build in to my schedule some solitary places and hobbies to recharge my mental energy.

How about you? Have you got any special places you go to? Or have you got hobbies that help you recharge your energy? My two places are walking up a Peak and riding around in God’s creation. Both things keep me mentally, spiritually and emotionally fit.

Be blessed today,