Waiting waiting waiting

I saw this image recently and it reminded me that sometimes we wait a long time for the things God has in store for us. We see that Moses, Abraham, Joseph and even Jesus waited a long time!

When I saw this I was reminded of how God first spoke to me about school chaplaincy 30 years ago. I went and did some Bible college to prepare and thought it would be in a year or two.

Little did I know that after Bible college I would marry, raise my family, do more Bible studies, work as a Pastor, work in a hospital for 10 years and work in a few government departments for 20 years before I became a school chaplain.

The reality is that God knows what we need before the role He calls us too comes about. I was not ready to be a school chaplain in the 90s. I needed to grow and learn more about my faith and generally mature in life.

I wonder what God has spoken to you about in the past? I wonder how long you have been waiting? Know that if God has called you to something, it will come to pass. Even if it seems to be taking a while.

As the picture says above, “If God is making you wait, you’re in good company”.


My first week as a Chaplain

I finished my first week as a school Chaplain yesterday. It was an amazing week. While I can’t talk about the schools or the students I just thought I would share some of the general things I was involved with.

Because I am fairly active I was able to join in with any sport that was taking place. Over the week I played several hours of 3 on 3 basketball, played chasey with the younger kids, dancing with the kindy kids, practiced throwing and catching with the middle school kids and went with the older kids to the pool for swimming. It was a great way to just get to talk and know them all. I just added up my incidental exercise my FitBit tracked and it was 361 minutes over an above my normal fitness training!

The other great thing this week was I was able to sit in on classes with students from preprimary to year 9-10. This was a great way to see what is going on in the classrooms and have incidental conversations with the kids. I was really happy to be received in to every classroom I asked to go into. That is largely due to the great work of the previous chaplains.

Lastly I was able to have some great conversations with students and teachers. Some students were referred to me and others we just in the course of being at school and sharing the same space. I was really encouraged how people knew the Chaplains are there to listen and support people in their work.

I really feel so privileged to do the role I do. Several times during the week I was really conscious of how blessed I am to do this new role. It is a real answer to prayer.

Chappie Dave!