Life giving words

Proverbs 12:25 TPT – Anxious fear brings depression, but a life-giving word of encouragement can do wonders to restore joy to the heart.

Life giving words. I really like that thought, that we can speak life to those around us. I really like that we can bring encouragement to people who have anxious fear or depression.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find it hard to talk to people who are really anxious, fearful or depressed. It is hard to know the right words to say and how much to say.

One of the best things I learned is that when talking to an anxious or depressed person is to listen more than I speak. Someone once told me we have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we speak. It helped me a lot!

Often if I am with someone who is in this space I will just listen and let them know I am right there with them. I am here to listen and help. I focus on this first and then try to offer life giving words at the end.

Numerous times as a Pastor or Chaplain I have been with people in this place. Life has just gotten on top of them at the moment and they need a listening ear and some encouraging words.

I have learned to slow down and not try to fix the situation and to just be present. Be there 100% to support. Listen and then try to offer a few life giving words of hope. Often this is all most people need.

There is so much power in our words. Words can heal and bring hope. And as the verse above says, “a life-giving word of encouragement can do wonders to restore joy to the heart.”


Waiting waiting waiting

I saw this image recently and it reminded me that sometimes we wait a long time for the things God has in store for us. We see that Moses, Abraham, Joseph and even Jesus waited a long time!

When I saw this I was reminded of how God first spoke to me about school chaplaincy 30 years ago. I went and did some Bible college to prepare and thought it would be in a year or two.

Little did I know that after Bible college I would marry, raise my family, do more Bible studies, work as a Pastor, work in a hospital for 10 years and work in a few government departments for 20 years before I became a school chaplain.

The reality is that God knows what we need before the role He calls us too comes about. I was not ready to be a school chaplain in the 90s. I needed to grow and learn more about my faith and generally mature in life.

I wonder what God has spoken to you about in the past? I wonder how long you have been waiting? Know that if God has called you to something, it will come to pass. Even if it seems to be taking a while.

As the picture says above, “If God is making you wait, you’re in good company”.