Deeper Bible plan

I am doing a Bible reading plan on the YouVersion Bible App called “Deeper” at the moment. On day 2 it talks about getting our hunger for God and it gives some tips. I thought I would share them today…

“To increase spiritual hunger, simply ask for it. “Ask that you may receive that your joy may be full.

Make a formal decision to pursue God until You find Him deeply. Put it in writing. He wants this very much. He is passionately waiting for you.

Open the written Word with the Holy Spirit as a guide and let what you read reveal the Author.

Take time to meditate deeply on the attributes and names of God. Say these back to Him and thank Him for specific times when He revealed Himself in your life or the lives of those you love.

Study revival. Read the testimonies of those who have experienced Him mightily. I recommend The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom, for starters.

Have coffee with those you respect who are white-hot in their walk with God. Ask them to share about their quiet time, their favorite passages of Scripture, and their most significant experiences with God.”