Small changes

I read this story today and it got me reflecting on small changes…

“Will I make the Olympics? The college swimmer worried her speed was too slow. But when math professor Ken Ono studied her swim techniques, he saw how to improve her time by six full seconds—a substantial difference at that level of competition. Attaching sensors to the swimmer’s back, he didn’t identify major changes to improve her time. Instead, Ono identified tiny corrective actions that, if applied, could make the swimmer more efficient in the water, making the winning difference.”

Small corrective actions in spiritual matters can make a big difference for us too. I can remember when I decided to do my devotions first thing in the morning. A small change, but it focussed my mind of godly things to start the day.

Another small thing I added is go for a prayer walk up our rock when I am really thinking through things. It just gives me space and time to walk and talk with God. Often the answer will come on those walks, but if it doesn’t I know I have thought through it with God.

Small things can make a difference. Like the sailing boat in the picture, sometimes it is about making a small adjustment to the sails, rather than buying a new sail that can make all the difference to the journey.

I wonder if you have small changes you can make that will make you grow spiritually?