Do I want live forever?

Someone asked me the other day, “Do you want to live forever and be really old?” We were talking about health, exercise and eating. My answer sort of surprised them.

I want to live a good long life, but more importantly I want to live the exact amount of days God wants me to live. That might be until I am 60, 80 or more.

I just want to exercise, eat good food and be healthy until God calls me home. I want to look after my family, serve God and keep growing until my time comes.

You see I really believe in eternal life. I believe we will all live for eternity. This is what we were created to do. Some of it is in this life we know now and most of it in the next life with Christ.

Life and death is really a win win. We have the gift of this life to live, love and serve God and we have the next life in eternity with Christ. Some of us will spend 60, 80 or more years here, then go to be with Him.

So yes I want to live forever. Some in this life, but most in the next with Christ.