The Lord watches over

I am away from home at the moment for some training for my chaplaincy role. Often when I am away I do not sleep very well. Last night I got 4.15 hours according to my FitBit watch.

I have learned not to get frustrated by this and often I get up and pray and read my Bible. I actually started my devotions at 2:18am this morning.

Today I read Psalm 121:1-8. It is a great Psalm that talks about God being the maker of heaven and earth and how He cares for us.

As I read this passage again I was drawn to the phrase “The Lord watches over you”. This idea is found three times in the short passage. In the NLT it is mentioned in verses 3, 5 & 7.

I really like the idea of the Lord watching over me. It makes me feel like a truly loving father is watching over me at all times. I also like that it says He never slumbers in verse 3.

I find it comforting to know that not only is God is watching over me but He is also awake with me and I can talk to Him at any time.

Hmmm it is now 4.42am, a bit early to go for a walk…I might sit and talk with God some more.