Waiting waiting waiting

I saw this image recently and it reminded me that sometimes we wait a long time for the things God has in store for us. We see that Moses, Abraham, Joseph and even Jesus waited a long time!

When I saw this I was reminded of how God first spoke to me about school chaplaincy 30 years ago. I went and did some Bible college to prepare and thought it would be in a year or two.

Little did I know that after Bible college I would marry, raise my family, do more Bible studies, work as a Pastor, work in a hospital for 10 years and work in a few government departments for 20 years before I became a school chaplain.

The reality is that God knows what we need before the role He calls us too comes about. I was not ready to be a school chaplain in the 90s. I needed to grow and learn more about my faith and generally mature in life.

I wonder what God has spoken to you about in the past? I wonder how long you have been waiting? Know that if God has called you to something, it will come to pass. Even if it seems to be taking a while.

As the picture says above, “If God is making you wait, you’re in good company”.