Let us not forget

I have been reading through the Old Testament book of Exodus the last few weeks. One thing that struck me was how often the people seemed to forget about what God had done for them. They were not little things either. Things like taking them out of Egypt, parting the Red Sea, guiding by pillar of fire and cloud and speaking to them through Moses. But still they seemed to forget His great works.

As I reflected I found myself being reminded of the amazing things God has done for me. Times when He provided when I really needed it, times when he healed me of sickness, times when He clearly spoke to me. I soon realised I was not that different from the people of Israel wandering through the desert!

It really prompted me to not forget the great things God has done for me. I need to write them on my heart, speak of them to others and keep them in the front of my mind. I just can’t forget them.

How about you? What great things has God done for you that you sometimes forget? Let us purpose in our hearts to have a long memory when it comes to the things God does for us.


Dear God, thank You for all the wonderful things You have done for me. Help me to always remember how faithful and generous You are to me. I prayer I will never forget. Amen.