Help with understanding the Trinity

One of the most confusing things I found when I first became a Christian was the concept of the Trinity. I just couldn’t wrap my brain around the concept. People often used analogies of water being in the form of ice, water and steam or things like an apple – the core, the flesh and the skin.

While these helped in some ways, it wasn’t until I went to Bible college and we spent a whole lecture on the topic that it fell into place. One of the most useful resources we looked at was this diagram. It explained the concept one God in three persons.

The key thought of the Trinity is one God in three persons – Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Three distinct persons, but they are one in love, one in purpose, one in unity, one in relationship and so on. All are equal members of the Godhead and all are eternal.

The diagram above shows that God or the Godhead is actually the sum total of the three persons. You can see that it shows Father, Son and Holy Spirit as the three members of the Trinity. Then it says the Father is not the Son, the Son is not the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is not the Father. But they are all God.

This helps us to understand that when Jesus left heaven to live in the world that He was able to pray to the Father in heaven. Likewise when Jesus returned to the Father, the Holy Spirit, was able to come and be our comforter and helper.

I hope this helps you in understanding the Trinity.