My daily prayer guide

Today I thought I would share how I format my morning prayers. As you can see in the image above I record all of my prayer requests in a book.

I draw a cross so I make four boxes. In each box I write a heading – things I am thankful for, prayers for help (for me), prayers for others, and what God is saying. I find it has a way of balancing your prayers for yourself and for others.

I take a few minutes in each section and write down what comes to mind as I sit silently with God. After I have written some things down, I pause and give thanks or pray. I make sure I take my time in each section.

For the last box at the bottom I simply pray “Is there anything you want to say to me Lord?” I then pause and wait on God. Usually before long I find He speaks quietly to my heart. Sometimes He reminds me of a Bible passage or He brings someone to mind to contact or He speaks words of encouragement to me.

The best part of this is you can look back over your prayer requests and see how they were answered. You can tick things off your list and see how God has worked in your life. It is a real faith builder.

I would encourage you to try it and see how you go. It has blessed me so much over the years.

Serving one another

I really enjoyed this from today’s Our Daily Bread devotional…

Bible Reading: Acts 2:42-47

Marie, a single working mom, rarely missed church or Bible study. Each week, she rode the bus to and from church with her five children and helped with set up and clean up.

One Sunday, the pastor told Marie that some church members had donated gifts for the family. One couple provided the family a house with reduced rent. Another couple offered her a job with benefits at their coffee shop. A young man gave her an old car he’d rebuilt and promised to serve as her personal mechanic. Marie thanked God for the joy of living in a community devoted to serving God and each other.

Though we may not all be able to give as generously as Marie’s church family, God’s people are designed to help each other. The gospel writer Luke described believers in Jesus as “devoted” to the “apostles’ teaching and to fellowship” (Acts 2:42). When we combine our resources, we can work together to help those in need like the first believers in Jesus did (vv. 44–45). As we grow closer to God and each other, we can care for one another. Witnessing God’s love demonstrated through His people’s actions can lead others to a saving relationship with Jesus (vv. 46–47).

We can serve others with a smile or a kind deed. We can offer a financial gift or a prayer. As God works in and through us, we’re simply better together.


Loving Father, please help me see those in need and serve You by serving others. Amen.